Finally, Sex Ed for Catholic Women.

For too long, sex ed has been male-focused, warped by purity culture messaging, or entirely nonexistent.

Whether you are married or single, you can learn from our curated experts on a wide range of topics
that are female-focused AND Catholic.

You may be thinking, "Are these courses for me?"

Some of you are struggling in marriage

"My husband and I are struggling with sex and I feel alone, like everyone else knows what they're doing and there's something wrong with us."

Some of you are struggling in dating

"I have so much trouble expressing my needs / boundaries for physical intimacy, in part due to some vague Catholic Sex education. I want to change that and be equipped with a better understanding of my own body and my own needs and expectations."

And some of you just want better, pro-woman information

"I feel like I have very basic education on it all and would like to be better informed."

"I would love to hear more about sex from a female-centered, Catholic perspective. Does this even exist?"

Our goal is simple yet powerful: to provide a female-centered and values-based approach to sex and relationships.

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  • Engaged Women

  • College Women

  • Married Women

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